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Avoyelles Parish Coroner's Office

Sexual Assault

Louisiana law RS 13:5713(F) states “The coroner or his designee shall
examine all alleged victims of a sexually oriented criminal offense.

     The coroner may select the hospital or healthcare provider named as the lead entity for sexual assault examinations in the regional plan
required by R.S. 40:1300.41 as his designee to perform the forensic medical examination”.


St. Frances Cabrini Hospital Emergency Room at 3330 Masonic Dr.
Alexandria LA is where we provide Sexual Assault Exams by our
forensic nurse’s.

Mental Health

    Under state law, (RS 28:53.2) the coroner has the legal authority to
issue an Order for Protective Custody (OPC) for anyone who is
homicidal, suicidal, or gravely disabled.


     An Order for Protective Custody is used when a subject is unwilling to
seek help on their own.


     An Order for Protective is valid for 72 hours upon signing.


   To submit a Request for a Order for Protective Custody that person
requesting must come in person to the coroner’s office where they will
fill out and sign an affidavit which states true facts about subject
needing help.


     Once the Order for Protective Custody is completed and signed law
enforcement will take the person into protective custody and brought
to designated emergency room for evaluation by emergency room
doctor. The E.R. doctor will then decide as to if this person meets
criteria or not to be placed in a mental health facility against their will
if deemed harmful to self or others.

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